Fox River Classic Youth Football League has set the following guidelines on refunds with regards to registration fees for our youth sports programs.

In order to request a refund, a written email should be sent to with a detailed explanation for the request. After the request has been received it will be reviewed by FRC and a decision will be made whether to move forward with a refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.

Refunds will be granted for programs on the basis of the following:

  • Injury
  • Moving/relocating out of the area
  • Not filling team roster(s) due to lack of participation


Unfortunately, refunds will NOT be granted for programs due to the following:

  • Weather cancellations
  • Unhappy with team assignments
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • To participate in another league/sport


In the event that the child was medically unable to participate in the sports he/she had registered for, a note from a doctor on letterhead indicating that the participant cannot participate will be required. In the event the injury occurs prior to the start of the season, a full refund will be granted. If the injury occurs after the start of the season, a pro-rated portion of the registration fees will be refunded, provided the above-mentioned stipulations are met.

If the refund request is due to a move/relocation, proof of the move/relocation will be required to warrant a full refund.

In the event of a league/season cancellation, a full refund will be given.

All refund recipients have the option to roll the refunded amount over to the following season. All refund credits are good for up to one year from the date that the refund is granted.